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Sophia's is really close to home ...
Sophia's is really close to home & it offers daily specials which is great! My favorite is cheesy Monday's. But all their pizzas are really good. We have had the pepperoni, Hawaiian & margarita pizzas. They are all really good. But they also offer pastas their chicken Alfredo is really creamy and delicious. They offer many more delic ... read more
Karyna V. via - May 17, 2020
So great! Reminded us of the awesome ...
So great! Reminded us of the awesome pizza of the northeast. The fettuccine Alfredo was delicious, too! We will definitely be coming back.
Shelly Z. via - May 16, 2020
Great pizza. Delicious down to the crust. I would choose this over chain pizza shops any day.
Vera Robinson via - May 15, 2020
I almost don't want to review! lol They're very popular, they make excellent Pizza, like I remember from South Jersey. If too many people find out It will take long to wait!! lol ... read more
PHIL Z TOWING SAN ANTONIO via - May 15, 2020
Best pizza around!!!!! Fast, delicious ...
Best pizza around!!!!! Fast, delicious and good price!!! Even if you don't live near by I recommend it!!!
Kristhina C. via - May 6, 2020
Ordered pizza last minute for dinner ...
Ordered pizza last minute for dinner while waiting for some Mexican food in the drive thru next door (for one of my kids). Wait time was pretty normal, 15-20 mins.  Smelled yummy. My 6 year old says it was the best pizza ever. I asked "better than Domino's?" She says "Yes!" The pizza was good! You can tell the difference of good qual ... read more
Deb C. via - May 5, 2020
The best pizza in the area. This place has better NY pizza than pizza places I've been to in NYC.
Andrew Ailiff via - Apr 27, 2020
Picked up a lunch order of the ...
Picked up a lunch order of the Alfredo Pizza and omg. Delicious! I honestly did not think I would like it but the crust was perfect. The sauce was delicious, with a hint of garlic (LOVED that) and massive chunks of chicken. It was cooked perfectly. The mushrooms were a nice touch. I also want to thank the owners for providing lunch f ... read more
Diana B. via - Apr 23, 2020
Checking out the local spots during ...
Checking out the local spots during quarantine, this food was really good. I got Sofi's spaghetti, the peppers and sausage make this sauce soooo good. The cheese sticks were fresh and great too! Can't wait to try the pizza, which I've read great reviews about. Called in the order and they brought it out to me, awesome customer servic ... read more
VeronicA A. via - Apr 11, 2020
Enjoy their pizza very much!  Great ...
Enjoy their pizza very much!  Great taste! Everyone there is friendly! I have eaten their pizza multiple times and every time I get the great texture and great taste! Keep up the great work!
Enrique C. via - Apr 5, 2020
Oh my goodness the best pizza joint in the city! My mom and I tried it for the first time (carryout), not expecting a whole lot since it’s such a small neighborhood place, but we were so impressed by the huge, tasty pizza! We also ordered a Greek salad that was fresh and delicious. Everything tastes fresh and homemade and you can tel ... read more
Gabby C via - Mar 30, 2020
Food was amazing and customer service was great. We loved the calzones!
Janel Person via - Mar 30, 2020
Just had the Chicken Parmesan Pasta, delicious!
Ana Torres via - Mar 30, 2020
We had the calzones at Sofia's ...
We had the calzones at Sofia's and omg they were amazing. My husband has been to Italy itself and said the Calzones here at Sofia's out beat them!! I can't wait to try the pizza.
Jennifer D. via - Mar 16, 2020
1st time visit. Small joint with few tables. Pizza is really good. I will for sure continue to get my pizza here.
Leo Rodriguez via - Mar 14, 2020
Friendly, helpful and hardworking staff. As far as the pizza, thin crust, great tasting sauce, and it came out piping hot. Quality NY pizza. Also had their wings, which were top notch.
Tim Nyce via - Mar 8, 2020
Super fresh made in-house & great service too!
Betty Surf via - Mar 8, 2020
Super fresh! Love it! Great service too.
Betty Surf via - Mar 7, 2020
Decided to try a different pizza ...
Decided to try a different pizza place and my family was not disappointed. Great service and good food! Will definitely be coming back here!
Derek M. via - Mar 6, 2020
Excellent pizza at a really good price!
Mark Rodriguez via - Mar 6, 2020
This place has excellent pizza ...
This place has excellent pizza and buffalo wings. As well as fast and efficient service!!!  Highly recommended.
Tom R. via - Mar 5, 2020
It's a solid pizza 🍕 ... read more
Carl Dillard via - Mar 1, 2020
I ordered a pepperoni and jalapeño pizza and was not let down. Excellent pizza. Toppings, sauce, crust, all were exactly what I wanted. You know it’s going to be a winner when they use fresh jalapeños and not ones from a jar!
Holt Hambright via - Feb 29, 2020
Great little place just right around ...
Great little place just right around the corner from where I live, pleasantly surprised the best marinara ever so love having this little place down the street ... read more
Pati H. via - Feb 27, 2020
Great people and great pizza ... read more
Delbert Brown via - Feb 24, 2020
Great pizza and wings! Place is ...
Great pizza and wings! Place is very clean and inviting, owner is super nice and attentive.
Albert R. via - Feb 5, 2020
Small place near our home and DUDE, this place blew my mind! I ordered the Chicken Parmigiana with spaghetti and marinara and was probably better than most Italian Food chains! It also came with a choice of salad which I ordered the caesar salad. Everything was absolutely delicious! I ordered carry out a previous time and tested ... read more
J.R.2 Marmel via - Jan 23, 2020
Yummness love the food & the service was Superb! Recommend for sure!!
Nancy Fuentes via - Jan 23, 2020
My first time at Sophia's pizzaria ...
My first time at Sophia's pizzaria.   Just hoping for a quick bite on the way home from church.  Boy were we surprised.  Wife and son loved their freshly made salads and pizza slices.  We got  a pepperoni roll as an appetizer and almost filled up on that. Then my sausage and meatball calzone came out.  A massive beauty that could eas ... read more
Rick B. via - Jan 19, 2020
We are lucky that this place opened ...
We are lucky that this place opened up near our neighborhood.  Their pizza, wings, and Italian sausage are the best that we have at the present here.
Trey L. via - Jan 11, 2020
Pizza was great...thin crispy crust...sevice was fast...this place is really good.
javier Alvarado via - Jan 5, 2020
Amazing pizza, last time I had a pizza that good was in New Jersey!! Delicious!! Amazing staff, quick friendly service!!
Todd Heissenbuttel via - Jan 4, 2020
This pizza is sooo good!!! I’ve been wanting a thin New York style pizza that has taste!! This pizza definitely hit the spot and I’m glad I live down the street!
Shaina Davis via - Dec 30, 2019
This pizza is sooo good!!! I've ...
This pizza is sooo good!!! I've been wanting a thin New York style pizza that has taste!! This pizza definitely hit the spot and I'm glad I live down the street!
Shaina D. via - Dec 29, 2019
The perfect pizza I here.
Jeremiah Lucio via - Dec 27, 2019
The best pizza ... read more
Annette Gonzales via - Dec 21, 2019
Def. the best pizza that's around ...
Def. the best pizza that's around the Arcadia ridge place. Puts all chain pizza places to shame.
Sharon B. via - Dec 21, 2019
Mighty fine pizza, topped with great service.
Belen Cantu via - Dec 10, 2019
Pizza was really good, thank you from the Alterman crew ... read more
Joe via - Dec 7, 2019
Excellent pizza. 100 times better than the other place down the road!
David Gonzalez via - Dec 7, 2019
Oh man, I have to say this is by ...
Oh man, I have to say this is by far the best pizza in San Antonio!!! The bold guy that makes the pizza makes the crust just right!!! The salad is delicious and the wings are amazing!! The pizza fries are a must have! The chicken alfredo is so creamy! Now the staff is so polite and attentive. We're definitely going back! THANK YOU FO ... read more
Lydia R. via - Dec 6, 2019
First time I've ordered there. Let me tell you the 12" pie was awesome; it put me in to hibernation mode real quick. Really delicious!
Robert Garza via - Dec 6, 2019
Great place friendly people fast service will definently be back great atmosphere ... read more
Brad Hempstead via - Dec 6, 2019
This place has the best pizza in ...
This place has the best pizza in San Antonio. The wings and pastas were also very good. Can't wait to come back. A definite must for any pizza nerd like me.
Nayeli O. via - Dec 5, 2019
This place is small but don’t let that fool you. The pizza is amazing. Best I’ve had in SA. The calzones are big and delicious. We also had their wings which are very large, not the tiny Wingstop type. Will be back.
Angeliva Ortiz via - Dec 4, 2019
This is very good pizza. i am originally from NY. This is definitely like NY pizza. i have always liked Luciano's pizza. This place is just as good - and so close to where I live. i haven't had the other menu items except the wings (which are also very good) i will try some of the other items and review later ... read more
ps19v1 via - Dec 4, 2019
Amazing food!
William Prentice via - Dec 3, 2019
This place has great pizza. I’m a fat guy who knows the difference. I saw a 2 star review on here from someone who claimed the pizza tasted like something from Chuck-e-cheese. I’m not sure which chuck-e-cheese he/she ate at but count me in. Apparently greasy pizza was something they didn’t expect, but some of the beat pizza in th ... read more
Jeffrey Cain via - Nov 17, 2019
Great little place with great customer ...
Great little place with great customer service. We tried the spaghetti, ordered a pizza , a Caesar salad and a slice of cheesecake, it was all good !
Juan G. via - Nov 9, 2019
Pizza is delicious! This is a new ...
Pizza is delicious! This is a new establishment so the people complaining about them being busy can go to little Cesar's for a 5 dollar hot and ready. As with any new business, be patient. We want them to stay around.
Katrine H. via - Nov 8, 2019
Fantastic pizza with generous portions of cheese and premium toppings. Crust has great flavor and can tell it’s fresh. Great the pizzeria also supports local schools, hospitals, children’s homes and much more with donating a portion of their profits.
Travis Lewis via - Nov 5, 2019
Excellent pizza and salads. Very ...
Excellent pizza and salads. Very friendly staff. Good desserts. A bit small,  so sometimes it's hard to find a table.  We've been there on a Friday night and it was busy!
Ana T. via - Nov 2, 2019
It is best pizza service tasty You feel it ... read more
از ایران چه خبر via - Nov 1, 2019
Love  our new neighborhood pizza ...
Love  our new neighborhood pizza joint!!  
Sophia's pizza has snap and crunch in every bite, with just the perfect amount of chew.  I think they must run their ovens really hot, because there are nicely charred blisters of dough scattered on each pie, and not a single bit of soggy bottom crust. We were surprised (and delighted) to
... read more
Christy W. via - Oct 30, 2019
This place is awesome, love the ...
This place is awesome, love the pizza, best new addition to our area. The sauce, crust and cheese are fresh and delicious.  Prices are reasonable and food is always ready when they say it is. Have only had take out, haven't tried delivery.
Sprite 7. via - Oct 29, 2019
Best pizza I’ve had in a very long time. And I’ve eaten pizza from NYC, Florida, Chicago, Cali, Dubai.... hands down this place set a new bar for me. The owner was super friendly and the food was fresh, hot and oh so tasty. I want more places like this in our neighborhood. Please come support local small business like this!! ... read more
David via - Oct 26, 2019
Great crust, friendly staff.
Brandan Garcia via - Oct 20, 2019
Amazing pizza! Their wings and calzones are pretty good too. Definitely all around better than the chain pizza places.
Sarah Bayless via - Oct 19, 2019
I've eaten there twice now and it's been amazing both times!
SingleDads via - Oct 14, 2019
Ordered the Greek and Mucho Meatsa--delicious! Ingredients are fresh. Prices are fair. Customer service is excellent. Highly recommend.
Sarah Fortmuller via - Oct 12, 2019
This was our first time trying out this "new to the area" pizza place. We were NOT DISAPPOINTED! Ordered the 18" with double pepperoni & 1/2 side of mushrooms, this is definitely not going to be our last visit. Staff was friendly, pizza was hot, fresh and had a great crust. Best of luck to you, welcome to the neighborhood! 🍕 ... read more
M Mendiola via - Oct 12, 2019
Today was me and my family’s first time eating here! The place is amazing! Great food, great people, great atmosphere, and family friendly!!! I definitely recommend!!! ❤️🍕 ... read more
Jazel Sandoval via - Oct 12, 2019
Ordered for a college football saturday and wasnt disappointed! Wife and I love thin pizzas with awesome crust and that is what was contained in the 18" pizza box we recieved! We live very close and will be repeat repeat customers! Cant wait to try more of the menu.
Phil H via - Oct 11, 2019
I've been a total of 3 times and each time it has been great! The crust itself has pretty good flavor. I've tried the sofi's pie, the five cheese pie, and the buffalo chicken pizza. They were all really delicious but the sofi's pie was my favorite. I can't speak for the other food here because I've only had the pizza. As far as prici ... read more
Ruben Barrera via - Oct 11, 2019
Miguel (The Manager) is one hell of a guy! He and I immediately remembered each other from a previous pizza location and I was glad to see he was a part of the team at Sofia's!. The pizza is amazing, wings are amazing, and I can't speak for the rest but I'm betting it's amazing. This place recently opened and you can expect to wai ... read more
M Thompson via - Oct 11, 2019
Perfectly balenced ingredients! With amazing staff!! Will recommend ... read more
Nima Salemirad via - Oct 11, 2019
Amazing pizza, last time I had a pizza that good was in New Jersey!! Delicious!!
Todd Heissenbuttel via - Oct 11, 2019
Very good pizza!!
David Valdez via - Oct 11, 2019
Excellent pizza! The Greek Salad was awesome. The place is a bit too small. They did messed up on our pizza, but my husband still ate it. We will be back. So glad it's not another chain.
Ana Torres via - Oct 5, 2019
Well, the margarita pizza needs some cheese. One slice had none and 2 others not much. But it was tasty the cheese cake better that good Got a chicken parmigiana sandwich Came with chips Might want to package them separately They where no longer crispy when I got home. That's 3 miles But they still tasted pretty good. All in al ... read more
Sandra Cottingham via - Oct 4, 2019
Delicious pizza!
Marcos Rodriguez via - Oct 4, 2019
Really good pizza. Super close to my home. So much better than all of the chain stores in the area. I'm glad there's finally a decent non-chain pizzeria in the area. Decent selection of pizza by the slice (could be better). We'll be frequenting this place for sure.
Carlos Bernard via - Oct 4, 2019
I ordered two pizzas last night ...
I ordered two pizzas last night. The wait was a little long (40 minutes) because they were so busy, but well worth it. Everything about our pizzas was perfect...the crust is flavorful and the perfect combo of crispy and chewy. The sauce is fresh and not too sweet. I wonder if they use it as their pasta sauce too... I hope so! Topping ... read more
Alexis W. via - Oct 1, 2019
My husband stopped  in tonight ...
My husband stopped  in tonight for takeout and they were slammed! I don't think they anticipated the amount of business they're getting. That being said, we are so glad we tried them out! He placed the order and was told about half an hour so he came home for a bit. When he went back to pick up he still had to wait about twenty minut ... read more
Amanda B. via - Sep 28, 2019
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